Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Passata making Workshop Saturday

There is nothing like being involved in processing bucket loads of fruit or veg for preserving, its the joy of summers abundance.
 And its not just imagining the wonderful meals that are will be prepared during the winter months when things are slow in the garden, but its also the social aspect, the team work, the conversation, its a celebration.
This Saturday is our Passata making workshop with Marty O'Sullivan. There are still some places left so if your interested please send us an email to book in.
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Monday, 13 March 2017

What's up at the Yackandandah Community Garden

Hello Gardeners,
Just over a week ago Vicki planted the garlic cloves for next year's crop.
Today the first couple have popped up above the soil.

Traditionally garlic is 'planted on the shortest day and harvested on the longest day' but in this area we find they do much better planted a bit earlier. If you plant in autumn the plants get a chance to grow big and strong before it gets really cold. larger plants means you'll get better garlic bulbs when they are harvested. I generally try to plant mine when I expect the first autumn rains so they can grow without any additional water. Ideal for gardeners who supply their own water.
Garlic will grow in most soils but you'll definitely get better bulbs if you have fed the soil beforehand. Try to find a spot in the garden that you fed for a previous crop because too much fertiliser can cause the plants to grow too quick and the bulbs don't store well.

Our climbing beans have put on a growth spurt over the past few weeks and there's lots of lovely beans hanging from the trellis waiting to be picked.

Hunt among the leaves to find the ones that are hiding as well. We all know fresh is best so please pick your own veg from the Yackandandah Community Garden. remember to leave a donation in the tin at the front and when you have time why not come down and give us a hand to keep your community garden growing.


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Autumn workshop calendar

Here is our autumn workshop calendar and we're learning to make Passata! This was an absolute hoot last time and very popular.

So, if your tomatoes are ripening and your imagining your pantry shelves well stocked for winter, you'd be wise to book in quickly as there are limited places available.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Have you seen the new signs?

Hello Gardeners,
We've introduced some new signs at Yackandandah Community Garden to help identify which vegetables are ready to use.
Look for these 'Ready to Harvest' signs
to show you where veges are ready to use.

Not everything in the garden is labelled so also be on the lookout for other ripe produce that's not yet labelled. There are several patches of chives that are perennial and can be harvested almost all year and if you search hard enough you may even find some beans on the climbing bean arch.

Tomatoes are just ripening in the top of bed 1. Thanks to Yackandandah Mens Shed for the loan of this trellis to tie up the larger tomato plants.

Also keep a look out for ripe produce in unexpected places. This week I found some self sown cherry tomatoes growing between the shelter and the creek. look at those luscious ripe tomatoes.

These spring onions have been ready to use for quite a while so if you need a couple for a stirfry come down to the garden and pick some - you won't get fresher than that.
Look for them in the top tier of bed 5, just up the steps from the shelter. Some bok choi, now ready in the top of bed 1, (near the compost bins) would go well in that stirfry too.

Please remember to leave a donation when you take some produce from the garden.

You'll also see these smaller signs around the garden:

All plants need leaves to convert nutrients from the soil into food for the plant. Some of our plants are so popular that we need to give them a chance to grow a few new leaves and feed themselves before starting to pick the leaves again. Continual picking can reduce the health and vigour of plants like silver beet and could even kill them. We hope you can just hold off enjoying this produce until the 'Ready to Harvest' signs appear again.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

This week at Yackandandah Community Garden

Hello Gardeners,

Look at how well the new carrots are doing!

Last Saturday the Garden Gathering crew removed the shadecloth because these little plants will now have roots deep enough to survive a few hot days on their own.
As mentioned earlier, these carrots should be ready to eat in a couple of months and could be harvested a few at a time, right through winter.

Our fruit trees have also had a summer prune to help shape the trees and to encourage flowering buds for next spring.
Many gardeners are under the impression that fruit trees should only be pruned in winter when they are dormant. The reality is that pruning once or twice during summer can speed up formation of a good trunk and branch framework. Taking off the long, whippy, vertical shoots also forces the tree to put more resources into the flowering buds that will open next spring and also allows more sun into the interior of the tree to keep it healthy.

If you'd like to help out at the garden and learn lots more about how to make your garden thrive, join us on Saturday mornings anywhere between 9:30am and 10:30am at Yackandandah Community Garden, next to the swimming pool. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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