Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Community gathering and fundraiser

This Friday a crew of supporters will be donning their chefs hats and aprons in an effort to raise some funds for the community garden. We've partnered up with Indigo Shire for this event and would love to see you all there.
Please show your support by first telling your friends. Then come and  buy a slice of pizza, a sausage or a roast lamb roll!
Besides it being a great way to show your support, it'll be a lovely evening watching a film under the stars.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

More Seedlings

Hello Gardeners,

A week ago at the Yackandandah Community Garden Saturday Gathering we sowed seed for our first winter crops.
This week we have lots of baby brassicas.

Late summer and early autumn is the time to start thinking about winter vegetables. The plants need time to grow large enough before the cold of winter slows growth so you really need to start these in late summer.
You can see in the picture that we sowed seed of Broccoli and Cabbage which should be ready to harvest later in winter when not much else is growing. We also put in some cauliflower seed which has been just a little slower to germinate.

We also sowed seed of Popeye's favourite - spinach. It also grows best in cooler weather but does need to be planted well before the cool weather to get a good start. Seed sown now will grow into healthy plants that should yield tasty spinach leaves right through winter.

In the next few weeks we will sow more winter veg seed: some more brassicas for a staggered harvest; onions and broad beans. Other crops you might like to consider this month include: turnips and swede; silver beet; lettuce; leeks and khol rabi. There's probably still time to plant the last beetroot for this season but get those in soon.

If you prefer to buy seedlings for your winter veg you can still relax for another few weeks.


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

What's Bugging You?

Hello Gardeners,

The 3rd Saturday is this coming weekend. That means it will be Produce Swap and Gardening Workshop day at Yackandandah Community Garden.

Produce swap at Yackandandah Community Garden
Kick off the morning with Produce Swap starting at 9:30am. Bring your excess for others and take something from the table. Produce can include vegetables and fruit, preserves or jams, cordials, etc. We'd also welcome any garden related items that you think others might find useful. Even if you don't have anything to swap you're welcome to drop in and talk gardening, maybe even swap some cash for produce. Produce swap goes all morning so feel free to stop in at any time.

At 10 am we 'Check the Garden'. Take a walk and see what is happening this week, ask questions or pass on your garden tips. We always find plenty to talk about while 'Checking the Garden' on the 3rd Saturday each month.

10:30 is Workshop time. We're asking for a $10 fee to join in our regular garden related workshop each month. Your workshop fees go directly towards a flourishing Community Garden. This month the title is:
'What's bugging You?' and we focus on pests, diseases' weeds and other problems in the garden. Participants can bring examples (if you can catch it or take a photo) for our experienced gardeners to identify and talk about how to deal with it. Otherwise just a good description will do.

Even if you don't have any problems (lucky you!) join the workshop, then you'll be prepared when they do turn up at your place. You may even have the solution we're all looking for. Join in, have fun and meet other local gardeners.

Willing workers at the Community Garden last weekend

There's always things to do at Yackandandah Community Garden so even if you're not interested in swapping, walking or talking, come along and give us a hand on Saturday mornings. There's always something needs doing at the Community Garden.

9:30 - 10:30 every Saturday morning at the garden. We look forward to seeing you there.


Carrots Are Up

Hello fellow Gardeners

A couple of weeks ago we planted carrot seed in the community garden. A week later they were starting to come up.

Now we have lots of tiny carrot plants.

You will find our babies under the shade cloth next to the shelter.

It can be difficult to germinate small seeds like carrots in the heat of summer. The shade helps conserve the soil moisture so the tiny seedlings get a chance to grow long roots without being fried by the hot sun. This method is a modern adaptation of the way my Grandfather grew carrots. He sowed seed then laid a board over the row to provide shade and conserve soil moisture. You need to check every couple of days and when the seedlings start to emerge, lift the board onto a couple of bricks or something similar so the tiny seedlings still have some protection but still get some light and air. Once the seedlings are well established we will remove the shade and let them grow.

You can harvest carrots all winter so we have planted quite a lot in these 3 rows.

The earlier crop of carrots is now ready to start picking as baby carrots.

We did not get time to thin out the original seedlings so they are a bit more crowded than they should be.
Pulling a few from where they are really crowded will allow the rest to grow much better and in a few weeks we'll have larger carrots to harvest. 

If a few extra come out while you pull the one you want, don't try to replant them. Carrots don't transplant very well, so put any that are of no use into the compost or take them to eat - baby carrots are very tasty. The extra space will allow the ones that are left to grow so much better.

Carrots are a very productive and rewarding crop for a home garden. Have fun growing some at your place. 

If you need to know more about growing carrots join us at a Garden Gathering - Saturday mornings between 9:30am and 10:30am at the Yackandandah Community Garden.


Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Regular Garden Gathering

Hello fellow gardeners!

 We had a meeting on Sunday to talk about what we're hoping to create down at the garden this year and you'll be pleased to hear that a commitment has been made to have a weekly garden gathering EVERY SATURDAY morning at 9.30am. This will be a good chance to meet regularly with all the garden fairies that have been helping the garden along this summer. It'll also be a chance to know what's ready to plant, harvest, water etc.

And what have you been enjoying from your home garden this week? If you are looking for some beautiful crunchy beans or other goodies for your dinner this week, there are some ready to pick. See the blackboard of where to find them.  And leave a donation at the swap table at the front of the garden.

Crunchy yellow butter beans!
What's ready to pick
Don't forget the AGM is coming up: Friday 10th February at 7pm at the garden!

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